These annual publication lists include all peer-reviewed articles connected to the Fedoruk Centre by investments in research projects, new faculty positions, or operation of the cyclotron facility. 

  1. DFO-Km: A Modular Chelator as a New Chemical Tool for the Construction of Zirconium-89-Based Radiopharmaceuticals
    Salih, A.K.; Dominguez Garcia, M.; Raheem, S.J.; Ahiahonu, W.K.; Price, E.W.
    Inorg. Chem. 63(50): 20806-20819 (2023)
    DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.2c03573

  2. A Systematic Investigation into the Influence of Net Charge on the Biological Distribution of Radiometalated Peptides Using [68Ga]Ga-DOTA-TATE Derivatives
    Shvan J. Raheem, Akam K. Salih, Moralba Dominguez Garcia, Jessica C. Sharpe, Behzad M. Toosi, and Eric W. Price
    Bioconjugate Chemistry 34 (3): 549-561 (2023)
    DOI: 10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.3c00007

  3. A Theranostic Approach to Imaging and Treating Melanoma with 203 Pb/212Pb-Labeled Antibody Targeting Melanin
    Jiao, R., Allen, K.J.H., Malo, M.E., Yilmaz, O., Wilson, J., Nelson, B.J.B., Wuest, F., Dadachova, E.
    Cancers 15: 3856-61 (2023)

  4. Assessing non-hazardous solid waste business characteristics of Western Canadian provinces
    Mensah, D., Ng, K. T. W., Hasan, M. M., Jeenat, R., Hurlbert, M.
    Ecological Informatics 75: 102030 (2023)

  5. CD34 Protein: Its Expression and Function in Inflammation
    Carolina Rego Rodrigues, Sahib Moga, Baljit Singh, Gurpreet Kaur Aulakh
    Cell and Tissue Research 393:  443-454 (2023)

  6. Characterization of IGF2R Molecular Expression in Canine Osteosarcoma as Part of a Novel Comparative Oncology Approach
    Boisclair C, Dickinson R, Giri S, Dadachova E, MacDonald-Dickinson V.
    Int J Mol Sci. 24(3):  1867 (2023)

  7. Climate Change Energy Futures in Business, Industry, and Mining in Saskatchewan, Canada
    Hurlbert, M., Das, T., Vitto, C.
    International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management 68(1) (2023)
    DOI: 10.1108/IJCCSM-04-2023-0057

  8. Comparative Molecular Characterization and Pharmacokinetics of IgG1-Fc and Engineered Fc Human Antibody Variants to Insulin Growth Factor Receptor Type 2 (IGF2R)
    Prabaharan, C.B.; Giri, S.; Allen, K.J.H.; Bato, K.E.M.; Mercado, T.R.; Malo, M.E.; Carvalho, J.L.C.; Dadachova, E.; Uppalapati, M.
    Molecules 28: 5839-52 (2023)

  9. Development and Biodistribution of a Nerve Growth Factor Radioactive Conjugate for PET Imaging
    R. A. Carrasco, A. K. Salih, M. Dominguez Garcia, E. S. Khozeimeh, G. P. Adams, C. P. Phenix, E. W. Price
    Molecular Imaging and Biology January 2023

  10. Dynamics of Polymer Electrolyte with LiTFSI via Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering
    Hui Wang, Naresh C. Osti, Jürgen Allgaier, Marcella Cabrera Berg, Rene Halver, Eugene Mamontov, Godehard Sutmann, Yuya Doi, Nicolas Bucher, Takeshi Egami, Stephan Förster, and Michael Ohl
    EPJ Web of Conferences 286: 04005 (2023) ECNS 2023

  11. Earth system justice needed to identify and live within Earth System Boundaries
    Gupta, J., Hurlbert, M.
    Nature Sustainability (2023)

  12. Evaluating the Targeting of a Staphylococcus-aureus-Infected Implant with a Radiolabeled Antibody In Vivo
    van Dijk B, Hooning van Duyvenbode JFF, de Vor L, Nurmohamed FRHA, Lam MGEH, Poot AJ, Ramakers RM, Koustoulidou S, Beekman FJ, van Strijp J, Rooijakkers SHM, Dadachova E, Vogely HC, Weinans H, van der Wal BCH.

    Int J Mol Sci. 24(5): 4374 (2023)

  13. Expression of Pentraxin 3 in Equine Lungs and Neutrophils
    Michelle Townsend, Brooke Fowler, Gurpreet K. Aulakh, Baljit Singh
    The Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research 87: 9-16 (2023)

  14. Image-Based Dosimetry in Dogs and Cross-Reactivity with Human Tissues of IGF2R-Targeting Human Antibody
    Allen KJH, Kwon O, Hutcheson MR, Grudzinski JJ, Cain SM, Cruz FA, Vinayakamoorthy RM, Sun YS, Fairley L, Prabaharan CB, Dickinson R, MacDonald-Dickinson V, Uppalapati M, Bednarz BP, Dadachova E.
    Pharmaceuticals (Basel) 16(7): 979-984 (2023)

  15. Modulation of Low-Dose Ozone and LPS Exposed Acute Mouse Lung Inflammation by IF1 Mediated ATP Hydrolysis Inhibitor, BTB06584
    Pahul Singh, Gurpreet Kaur Aulakh
    Front. Immunol. 14: 2023
    Sec. Cytokines and Soluble Mediators in Immunity

  16. Radiation Workers Risk Perceptions: Low Dose Radiation, Nuclear Power Production and Small Modular Nuclear Reactors
    Hurlbert, M., Shasko, L, Condor, J., Landrie-Parker, D.
    Journal of Nuclear Engineering 4(1): 258-277 (2023)

  17. Radiochemical, Computational, and Spectroscopic Evaluation of High-Denticity Desferrioxamine Derivatives DFO2 and DFO2p toward an Ideal Zirconium-89 Chelate Platform
    Elaheh Khozeimeh Sarbisheh, Kelly L. Summers, Akam K. Salih, Julien J. H. Cotelesage, Amanda Zimmerling, Ingrid J. Pickering, Graham N. George, and Eric W. Price
    Inorganic Chemistry 62(6): 2637-2651 (2023)
    DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.2c03573

  18. Radioimmunotherapy for the Treatment of Infectious Diseases: A Comprehensive Update
    Carvalho JLC, Dadachova E.
    Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther. 21(4): 365-374 (2023)

  19. Radioimmunotherapy as a Pathogen-agnostic Treatment Method for Opportunistic Mucormycosis Infections
    Carvalho JLC, Malo ME, Allen KJH, Frank C, Xiao Z, Jiao R, Dadachova E.
    Access Microbiology 5 (12) (2023)
    DOI: 10.1099/acmi.0.000671.v4

  20. Targeted Radionuclide Therapy of Cancer and Infections
    van der Wal BCH, Dadachova E.
    Int J Mol Sci 24(10): 9081-9082 (2023)

  21. The Chemistry of Creating Chemically Programmed Antibodies (cPAbs): Site-Specific Bioconjugation of Small Molecules
    Omozojie P. Aigbogun, Christopher P. Phenix, Ed S. Krol, and Eric W. Price
    Molecular Pharmaceutrics 20(2): 853-874 (2023)
    DOI: 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.2c0082

  22. The Development and Validation of Radiopharmaceuticals Targeting Bacterial Infection
    Alberto Signore, Alvaro A. Ordonez, Chanda Arjun, Gurpreet Kaur Aulakh, Nicolas Beziere, Ekaterina Dadachova, Thomas Ebenhan, Ulises Granados, Aruna Korde, Amirreza Jalilian, Wening Lestari, Archana Mukherjee, Milos Petrik, Tamer Sakr, Clara L. Santos Cuevas, Mick M. Welling, Jan Rijn Zeevaart, Sanjay K. Jain, and David M. Wilson
    J Nucl Med 64 (11): 1676-1682 (2023)
    DOI: 10.2967/jnumed.123.265906

  23. Transformative Power Production Futures: Citizen Jury Deliberations in Saskatchewan, Canada
    Hurlbert, M., Das, T., Vitto, C
    Energy, Sustainability and Society 13 (1) (2023)


1. Addressing Risk Perceptions of Low-Dose Radiation Exposure
Margot Hurlbert, Larissa Shasko and Michaela Neetz
Dose-Response: An International Journal 20(2):  (2022)

 2. Differences Between Electronic Properties of UN, THN and THC
Szpunar B., Ranasinghe J.I.,  Szpunar J.A., Malakkal L.
Proceedings of the CNS’s 15th International Conference on CANDU Fuel 2022, 2022 August 21-24

3. Deficiency of Leukocyte-Specific Protein 1 (LSP1) Alleviates Asthmatic Inflammation in a Mouse Model
Nguyen Phuong Khanh Le, Amanda Florentina do Nascimento, David Schneberger, Chi Cuong Quach, Xiaobei Zhang, Gurpreet K. Aulakh, Wojciech Dawicki, Lixin Liu, John R. Gordon and Baljit Singh
Respiratory Research 23  (165):  (2022)
4. Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of DFO-Em: A Modular Chelator with Octadentate Chelation for Optimal Zirconium-89 Radiochemistry
Akam K. Salih, Shvan J. Raheem, Moralba Dominguez Garcia, William K. Ahiahonu, and Eric W. Price
Inorg. Chem. 61:  20964−20976 (2022)

5. Diverse Risk Perceptions of Low Dose Radiation of People Living Near Nuclear Power Stations in Ontario, Canada
Hurlbert, M., Condor, J., Shasko, L., Landrie-Parker, D.
Journal of Nuclear Energy & Power Generation Technologies 6 (2022)

6.  Effects of Melanized Bacteria and Soluble Melanin on the Intestinal Homeostasis and Microbiome Zhang YG, Malo ME, Tschirhart T, Xia Y, Wang Z, Dadachova E,
In Vivo. Toxics. 23:  11(1):13 (2022)

7.  Highlights of the Latest Developments in Radiopharmaceuticals for Infection Imaging and Future Perspectives
Dadachova E, Rangel DEN
Frontiers in Medicne 9:  819702 (2022)
doi:  10.3389/fmed.2022.819702

8.  Human Monoclonal Antibodies Against Staphylococcus aureus Surface Antigens Recognize in vitro and in vivo biofilm
de Vor L, van Dijk B, van Kessel K, Kavanaugh JS, de Haas C, Aerts PC, Viveen MC, Boel EC, Fluit AC, Kwiecinski JM, Krijger GC, Ramakers RM, Beekman FJ, Dadachova E, Lam MG, Vogely HC, van der Wal BC, van Strijp JA, Horswill AR, Weinans H, Rooijakkers SH.
Elife 11:  E67301 (2022)
doi: 10.7554/eLife.67301

 9.  In Vitro and In Vivo Characterization of 89-Zirconium-Labeled Lintuzumab Molecule
Allen, K.J.H.; Jiao, R.; Li, J.; Beckford-Vera, D.R.; Dadachova, E.
Molecules 27:  6589 (2022)

 10.  Localization of Nucleobindin2/nesfatin-1-like immunoreactivity in human lungs and neutrophils
Hui J, Aulakh GK, Unniappan S, Singh B.
Ann Anat. 239:  151774 (2022)
doi: 10.1016/j.aanat.2021.151774

 11. Mitigating Effects of Sublethal and Lethal Whole-body Gamma Irradiation in a Mouse Model with Soluble Melanin
Malo ME, Frank C, Khokhoev E, Gorbunov A, Dontsov A, Garg R, Dadachova E. 
J Radiol Prot.  42(1):  (2022)
doi: 10.1088/1361-6498/ac3dcf

12. Place‑based power production deliberations in Saskatchewan:  Engaging future sustainability
Margot A. Hurlbert
Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy (2022)
doi:  10.1007/s10098-022-02277-2

13. Positron-emitting Radiotracers Spatially Resolve Unexpected Biogeochemical Relationships Linked with Methane Oxidation in Arctic Soils
Michael P. Schmidt, Steven D. Mamet, Curtis Senger, Alixandra Schebel, Mitsuaki Ota, Tony W. Tian, Umair Aziz, Lisa Y. Stein, Tom Regier, Kevin Stanley, Derek Peak, Steven D. Siciliano
Glob Change Biol. 2022
doi:  10.1111/gcb.16188

14. Risk, “Radiophobia,” and Social Learning: Applying Lessons from the Literature
Larissa Shasko, Michaela Neetz, Margot Hurlbert, Jeremy Rayner & Dazawray Landrie-Parker
Nuclear Technology 208(6):  935-946 (2022)

15. Regulation of TLR10 Expression and Its Role in Chemotaxis of Human Neutrophils
Yadu Balachandran, Sarah Caldwell, Gurpreet Kaur Aulakh, Baljit Singh
Journal of Innate Immunity 2022
doi: 10.1159/000524461

16. Targeting Melanin in Melanoma with Radionuclide Therapy
Allen KJH, Malo ME, Jiao R, Dadachova E
Int J Mol Sci. 23 (17):  9520 (2022)

17.  Who are the Best Communicators about Radiation: What Should they Communicate: and How?
Hurlbert, M., Condor, J., Shasko, L., Landrie-Parker, D.
Journal of Nuclear Energy & Power Generation Technologies 6 (2022)

1. 225Ac-labeled CD33-targeting Antibody Reverses Resistance to Bcl-2 Inhibitor Venetoclax in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Models

Garg R, Allen KJH, Dawicki W, Geoghegan EM, Ludwig DL, Dadachova E.
Cancer Medicine. 10:1128–1140 (2021)

2.  A Systematic Evaluation of Antibody Modification and 89Zr-Radiolabeling for Optimized Immuno-PET
Sharma, S.K.; Glaser, J.M.; Edwards, K.J.; Khozeimeh Sarbisheh, E.; Salih, A. K.; Lewis, J.S.; Price, E.W.
Bioconjugate Chem. 2020:  32(7):  1177-1191 (2021)

3. Age and Support for SMRs as a Low Carbon Energy Option:  The Need for Youth-Led Engagement
L. Shasko
40th Annual Conference of the Canadian Nuclear Society and 45th Annual CNS/CNA Student Conference
Virtual Conference, June 6 – June 9, 2021

 4. CANDU-Like Features in Emerging Small Modular Reactor Designs
Hussein, E.M.A.
Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science 7:  034507 (2021)

5. CD34 Protein is Expressed in Murine, Canine, and Porcine Lungs
Aulakh GK, Maltare S, Khanh LNP, Singh B.
Can J Vet Res. 2021:  85(3):  161-169 (2021)
PMID:  34248259

6. EBSD studies on microstructure and crystallographic orientation of UO2-Mo composite fuels
Murali Krishna. Tummalapalli, Jerzy. A. Szpunar, A. Prasad, L. Bichler
Nuclear Engineering & Technology 53:  4052 – 4059 (2021)

7. Evaluation of thermophysical properties of UO2-10 Vol% Mo nuclear fuel pellets
Murali Krishna. Tummalapalli, Jerzy. A. Szpunar, L. Malakkal, A. Prasad, L. Bichler
Journal of Nuclear Materials 559:  153444 (2021)

8.  Indigenous Perspective in Nuclear Energy
D. Landrie-Parker
40th Annual Conference of the Canadian Nuclear Society and 45th Annual CNS/CNA Student Conference
Virtual Conference, June 6 – June 9, 2021

9.  Investigating Small Modular Reactor's Design Limits for Its Flexible
Operation With Photovoltaic Generation in Microcommunities
Joshi, Kalpesh, Poudel, Bikash, Gokaraju, Ramakrishna
The ASME Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science 7(3):  (2021

 10. Lack of CD34 Delays Bacterial Endotoxin-induced Lung Inflammation
Aulakh GK, Maltare S, Singh B.
Respir Res. 2021:  22:69 (2021)
DOI: 10.1186/s12931-021-01667-2

11. Localization of Nucleobindin2/Nesfatin-1-Like Immunoreactivity in Human Lungs and Neutrophils
Hui J, Aulakh GK, Unniappan S, Singh B.
Ann Anat. 2021 May 31:  151774 (2021)
DOI: 10.1016/j.aanat.2021.151774

12. Loss of Nucleobindin-2/Nesfatin-1 increases lipopolysaccharide-induced murine acute lung inflammation
Hui J, Aulakh GK, Unniappan S, Singh B.
Cell and Tissue Research 385:  87-103 (2021)
DOI: 10.1007/s00441-021-03435-6

 13. Lung inflammation from repeated exposure to LPS and glyphosate
Pandher U, Kirychuk S, Schneberger D, Thompson B, Aulakh G, Sethi RS, Singh B.
Cell Tissue Res. 386(3):  637-648 (2021)
doi: 10.1007/s00441-021-03531-7

14. Mars: new insights and unresolved questions
Changela HG, Dadachova E.  et al
International Journal of Astrobiology 1–32 (2021)

15. Melanin - Protecting and Enhancing the Earliest Life on Earth: Comment on "Insoluble organic matter in chondrites: Archetypal melanin-like PAH-based multifunctionality at the origin of life?" by Marco d'Ischia et al.
Dadachova E.
Phys Life Rev.  38:  127-128  (2021)
DOI:  10.1016/j.plrev.2021.05.006

16. Novel Human Antibodies to Insulin Growth Factor 2 Receptor (IGF2R) for Radioimmunoimaging and Therapy of Canine and Human Osteosarcoma. Broqueza J, Prabaharan CB, Andrahennadi S, Allen KJH, Dickinson R, MacDonald-Dickinson V, Dadachova E, Uppalapati M
Cancers (Basel). 13(9):  2208 (2021)

17. Optimal Operation of SMR-RES Hybrid Energy System for Electricity & District Heating
Poudel, Bikash, Gokaraju, Ramakrishna
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 36(4):  (2021)
DOI:  10.1109/TEC.2021.3080698

18. Overcoming Drug Resistance in Osteosarcoma and Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma with Radioimmunotherapy
E. Dadachova
In: A.FREYWALD AND F.J.VIZEACOUMAR (Eds.) Biological Mechanisms and the Advancing Approaches to Overcoming Cancer Drug Resistance. V. 12.  Academic Press:  261-271 (2021) 

 19. Potential Use of Radiolabeled Antibodies for Imaging and Treatment of COVID-19
Dadachova E.
J Nucl Med. 62(7):  1020 (2021)

 20. Pre-clinical Study of IRDye800CW-nimotuzumab Formulation, Stability, Pharmacokinetics, and Safety
Bernhard W, Barreto K, El-Sayed A, Gonzalez C, Viswas RS, Toledo D, Casaco A, DeCoteau J, Fonge H, Geyer CR
BMC Cancer 21(1):  270 (2021)
DOI: 10.1186/s12885-021-08003-3

 21. Public Knowledge and Support for SMRS
M. Hurlbert1, J. Rayner1, L. Shasko1, D. Landrie-Parker2, J. Condor1
40th Annual Conference of the Canadian Nuclear Society and 45th Annual CNS/CNA Student Conference
Virtual Conference, June 6 – June 9, 2021

22. Pulmonary Inflammatory Response from Co-exposure to LPS and Glyphosate
Pandher U, Kirychuk S, Schneberger D, Thompson B, Aulakh G, Sethi RS,
Singh B
Environ Toxicol Pharmacol.  86:  103651 (2021)
DOI: 10.1016/j.etap.2021.103651

23. Research Article Expression of Surfactant Protein-A and D, and CD9 in Lungs of 1 and 30 Day Old Foals
Bocking T, Johnson L, Singh A, Desai A, Aulakh GK, Singh B.
BMC Vet Res. 17(1):  236 (2021)
DOI: 10.1186/s12917-021-02943-5

24. Small Modular Reactors: Learning from the Past
Hussein, E.M.A.
Journal of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science 7:   034508 (2021)

 25. Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Based Hybrid Energy System for Electricity & District Heating
Poudel, Bikash; Gokaraju, Ramakrishna
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, 36(4):  (2021)

26. Soil Buffering Capacity Can be Used to Optimize Biostimulation of Psychrotrophic Hydrocarbon Remediation
Mamet, SD; Jimmo, A; Conway, A; Teymurazyan, A; Talebitaher, A; Papandreou, Z; Chang, Yu-Fen; Shannon, W; Peak, D; Siciliano, SD
Environmental Science & Technology 55 (14):  9864-9875 (2021)

 27. Targeting IGF2R on Canine-Patient-Derived Osteosarcoma Tumors in Mice and Radiation Dosimetry in Canine and Pediatric Models
J. Broqueza, C.B. Prabaharan, K. J. H. Allen, R. Jiao, D. R. Fisher, R. Dickinson, V. MacDonald-Dickinson, M. Uppalapati, and E. Dadachova
Radioimmunotherapy Pharmaceuticals 15(1):  10 (2021) 0010

28. Ultrasonic-Assisted Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis of DOTA-TATE and DOTA-linker-TATE Derivatives as a Simple and Low-Cost Method for the Facile Synthesis of Chelator–Peptide Conjugates
Raheem, S. J.; Schmidt, B. W.; Solomon, V. R.; Salih, A. K.; Price, E. W.
Bioconjugate Chem. 2021:  32(7):  1204-1213 (2021)

 29. Visualizing Lung Cellular Adaptations during Combined Ozone and LPS Induced Murine Acute Lung Injury
Duda JAB, Kaur M, Aulakh GK
J Vis Exp.  169 (2021)
DOI: 10.3791/62097

 30. What does Modularity mean?
Hussein, E.M.A.
CSSE Newsletter 18(3):  (2021)

1.  89Zr-Labeled AR20.5: A MUC1-Targeting ImmunoPET Probe
Fung, K.; Vivier, D.; Keinanen, O.; Khozeimeh, E. S.; Price, E. W.; Zeglis, B. M.
Molecules 25(10):  2315 (2020)
2.  A Dynamic Model of Small Modular Reactor Based Nuclear Plant for Power System
Poudel, Bikash, Joshi, Kalpesh, Gokaraju, Ramakrishna
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 35(2):  977-985 (2020)

3.  A High-Denticity Chelator Based on Desferrioxamine for Enhanced Coordination of Zirconium-89
Khozeimeh, E. S.; Salih, A. K.; Raheem, S. J.; Lewis, J. S.; Price, E. W.
Inorg Chem. 2020 59:  11715-11727 (2020)

4. Characterization of  Low-dose Ozone-induced Murine Acute Lung Injury
Gurpreet Kaur Aulakh, Jessica Andrea Brocos Duda, Claudia Marcela Guerrero Soler, Elisabeth Snead, Jaswant Singh
Physiological Reports 8: e14463 (2020)
DOI: 10.14814/phy2.14463

5.  Climate Change Policies and Agendas: Facing Implementation Challenges and Guiding Responses
Fátima Alves, Walter Leal Filho, Paula Casaleiro, Gustavo J. Nagye, Harry Diaz, Abul Quasem Al-Amin, José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório de Andrade Guerra, Margot Hurlbert, Harith Farooq, Maris Klavins, Mustafa Saroar, Eliska Krkoska Lorencova, Jain Sureshn, Amadeu Soareso, Fernando Morgado, Paul O’Hare, Franziska Wolf, Ulisses M. Azeiteiro
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 34:  237-250 (2020)

6. Comparison of Various Radioactive Payloads for a Human Monoclonal Antibody to Glycoprotein 41 for Elimination of HIV-infected Cells
Garg R, Mills K, Allen KJH, Causey P, Perron RW, Gendron D, Sanche S, Berman JW, Gorny MK, Dadachova E
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8. DiPODS: A Reagent for Site-Specific Bioconjugation via the Irreversible Re-bridging of Disulfide Linkages
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 9.  Density Functional Theory Study of the Structural, Mechanical and Thermal Conductivity of Uranium Dialuminide (UAl2)
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11. Development of a Novel High-quantum-efficiency MV x-ray Detector for Image-guided Radiotherapy: A Feasibility Study
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Medical Physics 47(1) (2020)
12. Diverse Community Energy Futures in Saskatchewan, Canada
Margot Hurlbert, Mac Osazuwa-Peters, Jeremy Rayner, David Reiner, Petr Baranovskiy
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14. Emerging Small Modular Nuclear Power Reactors: A Critical Review
Esam M.A.Hussein
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16. Evaluating the Combination of Radioimmunotherapy and Immunotherapy in a Melanoma Mouse Model
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17.  Effectiveness and Normal Tissue Toxicity of Auger Electron (AE) Radioimmunotherapy (RIT) with [111In]In-Bn-DTPA-Nimotuzumab in Mice with Triple-Negative or Trastuzumab-Resistant Human Breast Cancer Xenografts that Overexpress EGFR
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 18. Exploring Synergy Among New Generation Technologies—Small Modular Reactor, Energy Storage, and Distributed Generation: A Strong Case for Remote Communities
Joshi, Kalpesh, Poudel, Bikash, Gokaraju, Ramakrishna
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19.  First Principles Investigation of Thermal Transport of Uranium Mononitride
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 20. From the Outside in: An Overview of Positron Imaging of Plant and Soil Processes
Schmidt, MP; Mamet, SD; Ferrieri, RA; Peak, D; Siciliano, SD
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 21. Gaussian Position-weighted Center of Gravity Algorithm for Multiplexed Readout
Harutyun Poladyan, Oleksandr Bubon, Aram Teymurazyan, Sergii Senchurov and Alla Reznik
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 22. HERG Channel and Cancer: A Mechanistic Review of Carcinogenic Processes and Therapeutic Potential
He S, Moutaoufik M.T., Islam S., Persad, A., Wu A., Aly K.A., Fonge H., Babu M, and Cayabyab F.S.
BBA - Reviews on Cancer 1873(2):  188355 (2020)

 23.  Lack of CD34 Produces Defects in Platelets, Microparticles, and Lung Inflammation
Gurpreet Kaur Aulakh
Cell and Tissue Research 2020

 24. Mechanistic Insights into Synergy between Melanin-Targeting Radioimmunotherapy and Immunotherapy in Experimental Melanoma
Malo ME, Allen KJH, Jiao R, Frank C, Rickles D, Dadachova E.
Int J Mol Sci. 21(22):  8721 (2020)

 25.  Production and Semi‐Automated Processing of 89Zr Using a Commercially Available TRASIS MiniAiO Module
Vijay Gaja, Jacqueline Cawthray, Clarence R. Geyer and Humphrey Fonge
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 26. Quantification of Regional Murine Ozone‑induced Lung Inflammation Using [18F]F‑FDG microPET/CT Imaging
G. K. Aulakh, M. Kaur, V. Brown, S. Ekanayake, B. Khan & H. Fonge
Scientific Reports 10:  15699

 27. Radioadapted Wangiella Dermatitidis Senses Radiation in its Environment in a Melanin-dependent Fashion
Malo ME, Frank C, Dadachova E
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