Brand & Values

Our Brand

Our Promise

We shall help to place Saskatchewan people among global leaders of nuclear research, development and training through investment in partnerships with academia and industry for maximum societal and economic benefit.

Our Values

We value keeping our workplace safe, respectful and productive. Quality and reliability are high priorities. Our employees are trusted and empowered. We welcome feedback in our learning organization. We value teamwork and voluntary responsibility, with a strong client focus. We strive for transparency and accountability to retain the confidence of our stakeholders.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan focuses our attention on strengthening the nuclear sector’s capabilities, supporting innovation and engaging with diverse audiences. The plan concentrates on three major commitments:

  1. Building Capacity and Strengthening Research
    We will broaden and deepen Saskatchewan’s capacity for nuclear research, development and training to advance nuclear imaging, materials science and public policy.
  2. Enabling Access and Supporting Innovation
    We will maintain the Saskatchewan Cyclotron Facility in a state of readiness for user access, and strengthen our engagement with partners and clients within and beyond Saskatchewan universities.
  3. Fostering Education and Public Engagement

We will encourage a culture of respectful, responsive dialogue with the public and policymakers to build an evidence-based understanding of the risks and benefits of nuclear technologies.

Download the full plan.