Targeted Impacts

While the Fedoruk Centre encourages the people of Saskatchewan to be involved in any aspect of nuclear research, development and training that they might choose, we believe it is helpful to aim for impacts in one of three main themes:

1. Understanding the practical and social aspects of nuclear energy, to inform decision-making towards a clean, sustainable future

Saskatchewan is considering the deployment of Small Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) to help eliminate the burning of fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas for a cleaner future of electricity production. The Fedoruk Centre funds research to build a community of people in Saskatchewan who can apply their disciplines (geology, water, engineering, community engagements, public perceptions, workforce availability, electrical grid management, etc.) to consider how to place SMRs for maximum effectiveness and minimal risk. 

2. Material sciences, through neutron-beam and other nuclear methods, to improve energy, health and transportation

Neutron beams and other nuclear methods can often reveal new knowledge about materials that cannot be found easily otherwise. Academic and industrial researchers from Saskatchewan can be supported in accessing neutron-beam facilities in Canada and abroad to advance materials for applications in health, energy, environmental stewardship, safety, and manufacturing competitiveness.

3. Nuclear imaging tools and methods to advance life sciences, agri-biotechnologies and medicine

Our cyclotron, isotope products, workstations and staff at the Facility are key resources for scientists to learn about life processes in plants, animals and humans, or to test new imaging probes or therapies through pre-clinical trials, all the way to commercialization and applications in health care.