The Fedoruk Centre uses our 24 MeV cyclotron and labs to produce isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals. Researchers and the nuclear medicine industry in Saskatchewan depend on our reliable supply of radioisotopes.

FDG Production Saskatchewan Can Rely On

We are proud to be an established, reliable provider of fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) to regional hospitals and a veterinary research facility. Our customers need a daily supply of FDG for clinical diagnoses with PET/CT imaging.

  • Proven production facility and technical team
  • Holds a Drug Establishment License issued by Health Canada
  • Operates in full compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices

Contract Manufacturing

Our labs and facilities are advanced enough to support contract manufacturing for pre-clinical and clinical trials. If researchers need isotopes outside of what we currently produce, or want to develop a new imaging probe, we have the flexibility to expand our portfolio to accommodate. Once a technology achieves a certain level, we can manufacture routinely on contract.

  • Currently, eight radiochemical products are available for purchase
  • Regularly produce isotopes 18F, 11C, 64Cu, and 89Zr
If you are interested in contract manufacturing, contact us.