The Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation

Building the expertise to discover and apply nuclear science in order to advance medical health and environmental sustainability for the benefit of society – in Saskatchewan and worldwide.

We Are Saskatchewan’s Sole Producer of FDG

FDG (fluorodeoxyglucose) is a radiopharmaceutical needed for nuclear imaging, like PET/CT scans. We provide a reliable supply of FDG to regional hospitals, which use it for diagnosing cancer. Last year, over 2400 patients received PET/CT scans using FDG made at our facility. Our staff also produces radiopharmaceuticals for research applications.

We Fund Innovations focused on Nuclear Technology

We support scientists and researchers through grants. We award research grants to projects that align with our purpose and impact goals.  Researchers can receive funding for projects in the life sciences, radiochemistry, nuclear technologies and social studies focused on public engagement and awareness of nuclear industry.

We Strengthen Saskatchewan’s Capabilities In the Nuclear Sector 

We partner with Saskatchewan institutions to strengthen academic leadership for nuclear research and education programs. These partnerships help to attract new faculty members who can develop highly qualified people in the sector. This enables Saskatchewan to be a national and international participant in nuclear science, technology deployment and policy development.

We Operate a Nuclear Facility

We operate a Facility that includes a 24 MeV cyclotron and adjacent laboratories for the safe handling of nuclear substances. The Facility is one of a kind in Saskatchewan, supporting high-grade radiopharmaceutical production and innovation in nuclear imaging.

We Offer Consultation and Foster Respectful Conversations about Nuclear Technologies

We offer impartial information and aspire to promote respectful public conversations about nuclear technologies. We offer expertise to support Saskatchewan’s leadership in nuclear initiatives within and beyond Canada.

Contact Us

We are proud supporters of research, progress and uplifting the scientific community. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch.