Prof. Essam Hussein
Prof. Essam Hussein

Moe touts talks on small 'safe' nuclear reactors (Regina Leader-Post)

Prof. Esam Hussein (University of Regina) interviewed following Premier Moe’s comments that smaller nuclear reactors might be an option for Saskatchewan power mix when coal is phased out

In the Regina Leader-Post, Arthur White-Crummey writes "Premier Scott Moe has nuclear energy on his mind as a potential part of Saskatchewan’s power mix, in the form of mini-reactors that still seem years away from commercial viability."

For the article, White-Crummey interviewed Prof. Prof. Esam Hussein, dean of engineering and applied science at the University of Regina.  

Read the full article at the Regina Leader-Post


Bio: Esam Hussein, Ph.D., P.Eng. essam.gif

Esam M. A. Hussein is presently the Dean of Engineering and Applied Science at the University Regina, Saskatchewan.

After completing his undergraduate studies and a master's degree in nuclear engineering at Alexandria University, Egypt, he earned a PhD in nuclear engineering from McMaster University. He was employed as a Nuclear Design Engineer at Ontario Hydro (currently Ontario Power Generation), and was a professor at the Faculty of Engineering, University of New Brunswick (UNB).

At UNB, he led a research program that focused on the industrial and medical uses of nuclear and atomic radiation for non-destructive testing and imaging and for the detection of threat materials.  He has published numerous scientific papers and industrial reports, and is a holder of six patents, and the author of three books.  He is currently a receiving editor for Applied Radiation and Isotopes. Dr. Hussein is a recipient of the 2019 Outstanding Achievement Award of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan, the 2003 Canadian Nuclear Innovation Achievement Award of the Canadian Nuclear Society, and the 2000 Sylvia Fedoruk Award of the College of Physicists in Medicine and the Canadian Organization of Medical Physics.
Dr. Hussein is a registered professional engineer in the Provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan, and is a member of the Canadian Nuclear Society, the American Nuclear Society, the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society, the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, and the America Society of Mechanical Engineers.
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