The amended partnership agreement was signed today by (L-R) Jeremy Rayner, CSIP Director; Doug Moen, JSGS Executive Director; Tom Kishchuk, Chair of the Fedoruk Centre Board; and John Root, Fedoruk Centre Executive Director

Partnership Extended

The Fedoruk Centre Board of Directors unanimously approved a two-year extension of our partnership with the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School for Public Policy (JSGS), supporting the Centre for Science and Innovation Policy (CSIP).

Commencing originally in 2017, this partnership was designed:
a) to increase public awareness of nuclear science and technology challenges and choices facing Canadians;
b) to create capacity for the province of Saskatchewan to engage effectively and respectfully with the public on nuclear science and technology challenges and choices; and
c) to promote evidence-informed decision making on the application of nuclear science and technology for social and economic benefit.

Three specific projects will be advanced during the term of the amended agreement:
1. “Advancing Convergence and Collaborative Research through Major Research Facilities (MRFs)”, led by Peggy Schmeiser at the University of Saskatchewan;
2. “Does deliberative engagement improve public understanding of future energy choices?”, led by Margot Hurlbert at the University of Regina; and
3. “Finding a Niche: Northern Communities as Protected Spaces for SMRs”, led by Jeremy Rayner at the University of Saskatchewan

John Root notes, “These projects have attracted contributions from academic and private-sector partners from within Canada and abroad.  All of them will provide opportunities for young researchers to work at the interfaces of science, technology and policy-making, helping us to establish respectful public conversations on topics in the nuclear domain.”

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