Programs exist as a mechanism to provide long-term funding over many years in partnership with other organizations identified by the program proponent to recruit faculty leaders.  This in turn will  provide students with opportunities for learning or accreditation in fields of nuclear science, technology, or policy.

The Fedoruk Centre will invite eligible Saskatchewan-based institutions to submit a letter of intent for a proposed academic research program in a given area. The letter of intent is reviewed by the Board of Directors who may choose to invite a full program proposal. These proposals are then evaluated by a Program Proposal Advisory Committee, consisting of experts from outside of Saskatchewan and board directors who are not associated with the proponent institution.

As stated in its Strategic Plan, the Fedoruk Centre anticipates inviting proposals and making program investments in the following areas:

  • Nuclear medicine
  • Nuclear technology and the physical environment
  • Public policy, decison making and social aspects of nuclear development
  • Nuclear energy and safety
  • Nuclear techniques for materials research